How to Apply a Job at Shoprite Stores

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Writing Tips Shoprite Shop Work

Shoprite is one of the most popular retailers in South Africa, and Shoprite Group offers a wide range of job opportunities in its stores. Linking method used with Shoprite.

Writing Tips Shoprite Shop Work
Shoprite Group always wants to grow their team, either in your store or in the company’s offices.

To work in the Shoprite store, you will need the following:

Notes for South Africa
Work skills, including weekends and holidays.
Group of 10 out of 12 (or equivalent)
Shoprite Group reserves the right to conduct employee audits, including, but not limited to, credit and auditing.

If you are looking for work in one of the Shoprite stores, you can choose one of the following options:

To apply now Click Here; This online tool invites you to the following:
Identity number
Where you live, the store you want to work in, your sales light, and more.
Name, contact details, etc.
Dial * 120 * 446 # and follow the instructions (online)
Submit your CV in person to one of the Shoprite, Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria courses.
Click here for the nearest rental location

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Shoprite company will never force any dictator to pay a registration fee within the group. Anyone requesting such complaints does not do so on behalf of the Shoprite Group and does not act on their information or consent.

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