Driving Licence code 10&14 Free Application

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Youth of SA applies for a free driver’s license (codes 10 and 14), unemployed applicants aged 18 to 35 are encouraged to apply

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In South Africa, the driving license is the report of the authority which authorizes its holder to drive a motor vehicle on public roads.

Driving licenses are issued by driving license examination centers, which are controlled by the districts under the direction of the public and ordinary transport services.

Since 1998, the driving license is issued in a “design Mastercard”; before that, it was known to the holder’s public records.

The basic age to hold a license is 18 years old.

Before applying for a driver’s license, a potential driver must first obtain a student license.

[1] The Student Test is a varied decision test that analyzes information about vehicle controls, rules of the road and traffic signs.

[2] The accompanying standards required: 

Rules of the Road: There are 28 questions in this class, 22 being the pass mark.

Vehicle Checks: There are 8 requests in this segment, the required approval level is 6

Traffic signs, road markings and traffic lights: there are 28 requests in this classification with a characteristic pass of 23


•No criminal record

•Applicants should not have a permanent job
•Must not be a government employee.
•People with disabilities cannot apply
•The candidate must have a score of 10/12

Please Note :

The Youths SA app for Free Driver’s License Code 10 & 14 is proudly sponsored by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training.

In case of non-compliance with the required conditions, your request will not be taken into account.


To apply, you must send your name and province to apply@youthssa.co.za, then you will receive an application form

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