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Description of Job Lactalis South Africa part of the global dairy company French Franco-French Franco-French Lactalis

The purpose of this event is to establish a good brand to support business plans. It operates in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique.

This job opportunity will enable you to use business skills to ensure that your hair meets your goals.

The site is Bonnievale Plant Process System Operator, Lactalis SA. Jobs and duties

The main task is to use the SOS en SOS Cooker Vacuum en Flash Cooker en EFA and ASCI.
Records must be kept within 30 minutes (target frequency)
Taking full responsibility for food security and quality
The machine should be cleaned during the transition
Expects security during operation
The machine must operate with the stated purpose in accordance with its capabilities
The surrounding area should be cleaned and should be clean at all times
Gather the product examples for each component designed and set them up in the correct order
From a human point of view, you will be asked to learn how to use other tools such as flow, flow, flow, and interaction interactions.
Home renovations usually have to be of a high quality. skills required
Class 12 or equivalent
Ability to work effectively, privately and together in all situations
Twenty years of experience as a user of Stephan- Cooker pot, Bosch, GBM1 on GBM2, the worst machine and the most flowing
You need to have a basic knowledge of dairy products.
The first computer technology.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Wanting to work overtime, weekends and holidays.
Save time and have a good sense of time.
Honesty, honesty, competence and diligence.
Being a team player.
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